October 2020 Business Inspections

October Food Establishment Inspections

CASEY’S (STANBERRY) – Routine Inspection 10/12/21

Priority Items:

Ice chute is dirty on soda machine

Soda nozzles are dirty

Core Items:

Improper storage of personal items

Dumpster lids are open

SUBWAY (MAYSVILLE) – Routine Inspection 10/25/21

Priority Items:

None observed

Core Items:

None observed

DOLLAR GENERAL (MAYSVILLE) – Routine Inspection 10/25/21

Priority Items:

Improper storages of toxics

Core Items:

Dumpster lids open

Thermometer missing from reach-in

CASEY’S (MAYSVILLE) – Routine Inspection 10/25/21

Priority Items:

Time stamp missing from foods in hot case

Dirty food contact surfaces

Excessively dented cans of food

Date mark missing from food

Soda machine is dirty

Containers of food uncovered with potential for contamination

Mold-like build-up on beverage dispensing machine

Core Items:

Cases of food being stored on floor throughout store

Improper thawing of food

No towels at hand sink

Broken handle on walk-in

Floors are dirty in kitchen and back room

Floors of walk-in freezers are excessively dirty

Inside cabinets are dirty

Vent hood is dirty

Shelving is dirty

Prep surfaces are dirty

Handles of equipment are dirty

Thermometer missing from prep cooler

Inside prep cooler is dirty

Shelving of open reach-in is dirty

Fronts of trash cabinets are dirty

Cappuccino machine is dirty

Restrooms are dirty

Excessive trash on ground outside building and around dumpster enclosure

TEXACO C-STORE (CAMERON) – Routine Inspection 10/26/21

Priority Items:

Ice chutes dirty on soda machines

Core Items:

Improper storage of single-service items

Bagged ice is not labeled

Excessive frost build-up inside walk-in freezer

BASKIN ROBBINS (CAMERON) – Routine Inspection 10/26/21

Priority Items:

Bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food

Core Items:

Cabinet doors are in disrepair

Food being stored on floor in walk-in freezer

Door and handle of door are dirty

Excessive debris on floor of walk-in freezer

SBJ FUELS (CAMERON) – Routine Inspection 10/26/21

Priority Items:

None observed

Core Items:

Hand sink is inaccessible

No soap at hand sink

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