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February Inspections

February Food Establishment Inspections

POPPA’S RESTAURANT (ALBANY) – Routine Inspection 2/4/22

Priority Items:

Unlabeled spray bottles

Food past discard date

Core Items:

None observed

ANDE’S WHISTLE STOP (ALBANY) – Initial Inspection 2/4/22

Priority Items:

None observed

Core Items:

No self-closer on restroom door

Missing ceiling tiles

Improper storage of single-service items

DOLLAR TREE (CAMERON) – Routine Inspection 2/8/22

Priority Items:

None observed

Core Items:

Vents in restrooms are excessively dirty

WENDY’S (CAMERON) – Routine Inspection 2/8/22

Priority Items:

Date mark missing from containers of food in walk-in

Dispensing areas on soda machines are dirty

Core Items:

None observed

HILL TOP STOP (STEWARTSVILLE) – Routine Inspection 2/18/22

Priority Items:

Chipped utensils

Food debris on surface of clean dishes

Core Items:

Shelving inside prep is dirty

CORNER CAFÉ (GRANT CITY) – Routine Inspection 02/28/22

Priority Items:

Bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food

Mice dropping seen throughout establishment

Food in prep cooler is past discard date

White baffle inside ice machine is dirty

Dead flies seen in bottom of hot case

Core Items:

Inadequate plumbing in food prep/kitchen area

Thermometer missing from reach-in

Inside customer microwave is excessively dirty

Restroom door is being propped open

Stained ceiling tiles in dry storage area

Dumper lid is open

Door seal on prep cooler is broken

CASEY’S (GRANT CITY) – Routine Inspection 2/28/22

Priority Items:

Unlabeled spray bottle

Ice chute on soda machine is dirty

Core Items:

Dumpster lid open

Tops of beverage machines are dusty

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